Basic Heart Rate Coaching Guidelines: An Overview of HR Monitoring, Conditioning, and Recovery – Paul Drake [Webinar]


More and more conditioning is becoming the basis for success in tennis. Traditional conditioning programs can often lead to injury, fatigue, and burnout. Paul Drake has developed a revolutionary conditioning program that focuses on heart rate training.

Over the last couple of years, Paul has worked with top college tennis programs to maximize the student-athletes’ training in key moments. Coaches will learn how to maximize conditioning time, best practices for warmups, and recovery protocols to ensure their student-athletes will be at peak performance on match day.

Paul draws on his years of experience to provide expert knowledge on cardiovascular testing, conditioning, cardio-fitness prescriptions, and recovery.

About Paul Drake

Paul Drake, MS, has been training and coaching with heart rate since 1991. Paul has received advanced certifications as an Exercise Specialist (ACSM-American Council of Sports Medicine) in VO2 Max Testing and Prescriptions. Paul is also a Certified EKG Tech through the National Healthcare Association focusing on heart rate diagnostics and recognition, a certified yoga instructor and massage therapist. Learn more about Paul here.

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