ITA & Alumni Network Honor Tennis Seniors

ITA College Tennis Seniors Tribute

** Updated: Friday, June 5, 2020 **

Collegiate tennis seasons abruptly ended this spring due to COVID-19, and in-person graduations that normally would take place in May couldn’t happen. Some seniors are choosing to return to school for another year. Others played their last match without knowing it. But no matter what lies ahead, we know our college tennis seniors are set for success in whatever they do next.

On Wednesday, May 6th, the ITA and the College Tennis Alumni Network launched a “Thank you, Seniors” tribute to honor this year’s group of college tennis seniors. Coaches, alumni, and non-senior players came together from around the world to post on Twitter and Instagram thanking their school’s seniors using the hashtag #Set4Success.

With college tennis also serving as a viable pathway to the pros, the WTA and ATP also joined the ITA in thanking seniors, as many college tennis alums now on tour participated in congratulating seniors.

In total, over 950 posts on Twitter and Instagram were made using the hashtag #Set4Success.

To our seniors, Thank you!

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