Holistic Tennis Performance [Webinar]


Gabor Boczonadi, a Holistic Performance Coach and Founder of BREATHLETE along with Hendrik Bode the Head Men’s Tennis Coach, Hawaii Pacific University will discuss how coaches can help their teams train and perform in a more holistic manner.

Gabor is a former collegiate tennis player, turned corporate warrior turned holistic performance coach. Gabor’s approach to injury prevention, healing and performance comes from decades of combined experiences in high performance athletics, corporate leadership, mind-body methods and coaching.

His mission is to turn the next generation of athletes into BREATHLETES by merging modern scientific understanding with ancient practical knowledge. Using the methods of yoga movement, breath work, meditation and visualization he helps athletes reach peak performance instead of peak burnout.

This webinar will help coaches better understand what Holistic Performance actually means and some of the latest mind-body trends. Gabor will take attendees through a series of breathing techniques that they, in turn, can teach their student-athletes. Although these breathing techniques have been around for thousands of years it is only in more recent times that the benefits of these techniques have been studied and verified within the scientific community. These breathing methods will help tennis players recover faster between points and after matches. They also improve athletes immune systems along with many other benefits. Hendrik will share his experiences of having Gabor work with his teams and the benefits and changes he has noticed during that time.

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