Join James Blake and Rhabit Founder: Offering FREE Match Analysis Coaching Tool + Education Videos [Webinar]


This extended off-season, it is more important than ever for coaches to have a remote way to connect and advance their teams for when the season resumes. Coaches will be able to utilize the website as they see fit, including remote video chat with film review from anywhere around the world. In addition, coaches will have access to over 800 tennis videos to share with their players and watch themselves. Built by former Yale captains (3 brothers) and Harvard great, World #4 James Blake, Rhabit combines the best of tennis with education.

With the adoption and relevancy of virtual and remote learning, now offers a good time to onboard this new system for your team. It’s simple, free, and could potentially be used to generate revenue for coaches or programs. There is much we can do together to keep the excitement and love for the game ever present during these times.

About Jeff Dawson

Jeff Dawson is the co-founder of Rhabit (Reaching Habit) which is an e-learning sports platform sparking personal growth through and in the game of tennis. Jeff played college tennis at Yale University and graduated in 2009. Jeff is joined on the webinar by his Rhabit partner, former ATP world # 4 and Harvard college tennis player James Blake.

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