Creating a Leadership Culture of Resilience, Resourcefulness, and Mindful Relationships [Webinar]

CMS men's tennis team at the 2020 DIII National Men’s Team Indoors.
CMS men's tennis team at the 2020 DIII National Men’s Team Indoors. (Photo: Jacob Dye / ITA Staff)

The leaders of today need to adapt at a speed never seen before. The most successful teams have mastered true collaboration. The new generation of athletes demand different styles of communication and want to work with leaders who display authenticity and integrity.

Leadership is about igniting people towards a purpose. To ignite means to inspire intense feelings. Whether the purpose of the individual or team is achieved depends on many choices the coach makes and the action they take.

This webinar is an opportunity to consider the elements that set today’s most effective leaders of people apart; the ability to remain curious, to reflect on behavior, and to ask regularly for feedback. It includes some hands-on exercises and reflection.

About Dr. Celine Mullins

Dr. Celine Mullins has over 15 years of experience as a Psychologist, Coach and Training Consultant working across Multinationals, SME’s, Governmental and Educational agencies including Google and KPMG.

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