2018 Oracle ITA Collegiate Tennis Division I Men’s And Women’s Preseason National Rankings


TEMPE, Ariz. – With the 2018-19 collegiate tennis season officially underway, and the first ITA National Championship event, the Oracle ITA Masters, just nine days out, Oracle and the Intercollegiate Tennis Association announced the 2018 Oracle/ITA Collegiate Tennis Division I Men’s and Women’s Preseason National Rankings on Tuesday, September 11, 2018.

Bianca Turati of Texas, who spent a majority of the 2018 spring season ranked No. 1 and ended the year ranked No. 3, is back atop the women’s national singles rankings to open the 2018-19 season. The ACC sees nine student-athletes in the Top 25, and three in the Top 10, led by Makenna Jones of North Carolina at No. 2, Estela Perez-Somarriba of Miami at No. 3 and Gabriela Knutson of Syracuse at No. 5.

The ACC also features five of the nation’s Top 10 women’s doubles duos. Duke’s Kaitlyn McCarthy and Ellyse Hamlin are the No. 1-ranked team, with Alexa Graham and Jessie Aney of North Carolina at No. 2, Knutson and Miranda Ramirez of Syracuse at No. 4, Emma Davis and Chandler Carter of Wake Forest at No. 5 and Sara Daavettila and Alle Sanford of North Carolina at No. 10.

The Blue Devils also boast the nation’s top newcomer, Maria Mateas.

Petros Chrysochos, who helped guide Wake Forest to the 2018 NCAA Division I Men’s National Championship, enters his senior campaign as the nation’s No. 1-ranked singles player. He’s followed by Mississippi State’s Nuno Borges, who defeated Chrysochos in the men’s singles final at the 2017 Oracle ITA National Fall Championships.

The SEC (10) and ACC (9) feature 19 of the nation’s Top 25 singles players.

In doubles, Borges and Strahinja Rakic of Mississippi State are the No. 1-ranked team, and one of four SEC teams in the Top 10. Cameron Klinger and Billy Rowe of Vanderbilt are No. 4, Niclas Braun and Giovanni Oradini of Mississippi State are No. 7 and Mazen Osama and Edson Ortiz of Alabama are No. 9.

Sam Riffice of Florida is the men’s No. 1-ranked Newcomer.

Top 25 Women’s Singles Rankings By Conference
Top 10 Conference rankings in parenthesis

ACC (3) 9 –
 Makenna Jones, North Carolina (No. 2); Estela Perez-Somarriba, Miami (No. 3); Gabriela Knutson, Syracuse (No. 5); Carla Touly, Florida State (No. 11); Kelly Chen, Duke (No. 12); Marie-Alexandre Leduc, Clemson (No. 14); Emma Davis, Wake Forest (No. 16); Alle Sanford, North Carolina (No. 19); Rosie Johnanson, Virginia (No. 22)

Pac-12 (2) 7 – Stacey Fung, Washington (No. 9); Michaela Gordon, Stanford (No. 10); Melissa Lord, Stanford (No. 13); Jada Hart, UCLA (No. 15); Michaela Bayerlova, Washington State (No. 17); Emily Arbuthnott, Stanford (No. 24); Vanessa Wong, Washington (No. 25)

Big 12 (2) 3 – Bianca Turati, Texas (No. 1); Anastasia Rychagova, Kansas (No. 6); Anna Turati, Texas (No. 21)

West Coast Conference (1) 2 – Ashley Lahey, Pepperdine (No. 4); Veronica Miroshnichenko, Loyola Marymount (No. 23)

SEC (2) 2 – Fernanda Contreras, Vanderbilt (No. 7); Katarina Jokic, Georgia (No. 8)

Big Ten 1 – Kate Fahey, Michigan (No. 18)

Big Sky 1 – Marianna Petrei, Idaho (No. 20)

Top 10 Women’s Doubles Rankings By Conference

ACC 5 – Kaitlyn McCarthy/Ellyse Hamlin, Duke (No. 1); Alexa Graham/Jessie Aney, North Carolina (No. 2); Gabriela Knutson/Miranda Ramirez, Syracuse (No. 4); Emma Davis/Chandler Carter, Wake Forest (No. 5); Sara Daavettila/Alle Sanford, North Carolina (No. 10)

Pac-12 2 – Emily Arbuthnott/Michaela Gordon, Stanford (No. 3); Lauryn John-Baptiste/Ilze Hattingh, Arizona State (No. 8)

SEC 2 – Morgan Coppoc/Elena Christofi, Georgia (No. 6); Eden Richardson/Jessica Golovin, LSU (No. 7)

Big South 1 – Lauren Proctor/Megan Kauffman, Winthrop (No. 9)

Top 10 Women’s Newcomer Rankings By Conference

ACC 3 – Maria Mateas, Duke (No. 1); Emmanuelle Salas, Florida State (No. 2); Cameron Morra, North Carolina (No. 6)

Pac-12 2 – Elysia Bolton, UCLA (No. 3); Salma Ewing, USC (No. 5)

SEC 2 – Maria Lourdes Carle, Georgia (No. 4); Emmanouela Antonakis, Mississippi State (No. 10)

Big 12 2 – Martina Capurro Taborda, Oklahoma (No. 8); Tijana Spasojevic, Texas (No. 9)

West Coast Conference 1 – Anastasia Iamchkine, Pepperdine (No. 7)

Top 25 Men’s Singles Rankings By Conference
Top 10 Conference rankings in parenthesis

SEC (5) 10 – Nuno Borges, Mississippi State (No. 2); Mazen Osama, Alabama (No. 3); Giovanni Oradini, Mississippi State (No. 5); Timo Stodder, Tennessee (No. 6); Cameron Klinger, Vanderbilt (No. 7); Johannes Ingildsen, Florida (No. 11); Tim Sandkaulen, Ole Miss (No. 14); Oliver Crawford, Florida (No. 20); Jan Zielinski, Georgia (No. 22); Valentin Vacherot, Texas A&M (No. 25)

ACC (2) 9 – Petros Chrysochos, Wake Forest (No. 1); Carl Soderlund, Virginia (No. 9); Mitch Harper, Virginia Tech (No. 12); Aziz Dougaz, Florida State (No. 15); Lucas Poullain, Florida State (No. 18); Alex Lebedev, Notre Dame (No. 19); Benjamin Sigouin, North Carolina (No. 21); Aswin Lizen, Virginia (No. 23); Alexis Galarneau, North Carolina State (No. 24)

Pac-12 (2) 2 – Brandon Holt, USC (No. 4); Thomas Laurent, Oregon (No. 8)

Big 12 (1) 2 – Alex Rybakov, TCU (No. 10); Aleksandre Bakshi, Oklahoma (No. 16)

Ivy 1 – Victor Pham, Columbia (No. 13)

Big Ten 1 – JJ Wolf, Ohio State (No. 17)

Top 10 Men’s Doubles Rankings By Conference

SEC 4 – Nuno Borges/Strahinja Rakic, Mississippi State (No. 1); Cameron Klinger/Billy Rowe, Vanderbilt (No. 4); Niclas Braun/Giovanni Oradini, Mississippi State (No. 7); Mazen Osama/Edson Ortiz, Alabama (No. 9)

Pac-12 2 – Brandon Holt/Riley Smith, USC (No. 2); Jack Jaede/Laurens Verboven, USC (No. 3)

Big 12 1 – Johannes Schretter/Will Little, Baylor (No. 5)

Sun Belt 1 – Loic Cloes/Clement Marzol, South Alabama (No. 6)

Ivy 1 – Jack Mingjie Lin/William Matheson, Columbia (No. 8)

West Coast Conference 1 – Guilherme Osorio/Nico Borter, San Diego (No. 10)

Top 10 Men’s Newcomer Rankings By Conference

Big 12 3 – Matej Vocel, Oklahoma State (No. 2); Finn Bass, Baylor (No. 5); Sander Jong, TCU (No. 9)

SEC 2 – Sam Riffice, Florida (No. 1); Trent Bryde, Georgia (No. 4)

Pac-12 2 – Dominik Kellovsky, Arizona State (No. 6); Yuta Kikuchi, California (No. 8)

ACC 2 – Brian Cernoch, North Carolina (No. 7); Francisco Bastias, Miami (No. 10)

American 1 – Juan Pablo Grassi Mazzuchi, UCF (No. 3)

About the Oracle ITA Collegiate Tennis Rankings 
As the governing body of college tennis, the ITA administers the Oracle ITA Collegiate Tennis Rankings that are designed to track the top men’s and women’s teams, along with singles and doubles players in NCAA Divisions I, II, III, NAIA, Junior Colleges and California Junior Colleges. For full rankings information, please visit www.itatennis.com .

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