Three years after Siegel golf cart accident, family continues mission


LUBBOCK, Texas /KAMC News/ – For the past three years, we’ve followed the story of Luke Siegel, whose life drastically changed after a golf cart accident. But did you know, last year, there were around 18,000 golf cart injuries that sent people to emergency rooms all across the country?

Tim Siegel, Luke’s father, said it is a national epidemic.

No one knows more about how dangerous golf carts can be than the Siegel family.

“It’s not just in golf cart communities, it’s all over the country. Years ago, you used to ride a bike or walk, and now you’re on a golf cart, but it’s also against the law to have children underage riding on the street,” Siegel said.

Luke Siegel, now 12, was riding in a golf cart with a friend when it tipped over. He hit his head and fractured his skull, causing brain damage.

“If you’re on a golf cart, put on a helmet. Unfortunately, there are no regulations. There should be seat belts, should be helmets. They’re just not safe,” Siegel said.

Luke’s accident has encouraged the Siegel family to bring awareness to this issue.

“Team Luke Hope for Minds helps families with children who have suffered a brain injury,” Siegel said. “We see a lot of injuries like near fatal drownings but we also see a lot from ATVs and golf carts.”

But for Luke, his father says although some days are harder than others, he’s fighting for better days.

“I have moments where I go back in time, where I was told Luke was never going to use his limbs, use his voice, and here we are outside of (physical therapy), where therapists say he had a great day yesterday, he had head control, he moved his limbs,” Siegel said. “He’s a fighter.”

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