An Official Live Streaming Partner of the ITA

Track.Tennis offers the complete video solution for individual sports facilities, unlocking never-before-seen content for players and viewers.

With an HD camera system connected to the Track.Cloud, we enable live-streaming and video recording to help facilities bring their sports to more viewers. Track.Tennis allows users to transform their video with powerful data and statistics. Users have full control of their video content through sharing it, generating AI-enhanced highlights, or annotating it with statistics. Each facility, team or sport program gets its custom app for online video monetization on the TV platforms that viewers use every day (Apple TV, Android TV, etc.).

Our dynamic live Match Day pages feature integrated scoring, recent on-demand videos, and the ability to create high-quality broadcasts with commentators, court switching and replay. In under six months, Track.Tennis has become the second-largest video provider within college tennis followed by signing a two-year partnership agreement to be an official live streaming partner of the Intercollegiate Tennis Association.

We don't require proprietary hardware, making our service available to any type of facility even with pre-existing cameras installed.

Track.Tennis offers a complete roadmap on how to generate revenue from our service. Clients get a full-cycle, custom solution from content acquisition to content delivery and monetization.

Track.Tennis has committed to offering a special discount on live streaming to all ITA members to make live streaming affordable for programs of all divisions.

View college tennis programs using Track.Tennis live streaming.

Visit the Track.Tennis website to learn more about our solutions. Email [email protected] to inquire about live streaming for your facility.

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