Sports Interiors

The Official Indoor Lighting and Ceiling Liner of the ITA

Since 1992, Sports Interiors has helped facilities improve the indoor tennis playing experience through applications of its high-performance lighting and reflective ceiling liner system. Sports Interiors has worked with hundreds of indoor tennis facilities across the country delivering Comprehensive Implementations that not only improve the light levels and aesthetics but also reduce energy and maintenance costs.

As the Official Lighting and Ceiling Liner Solution of the ITA, Sports Interiors works with college tennis programs across the country to install affordable LED lighting and ceiling liner that dramatically improves the indoor playing experience through enhanced light levels. Recently, Sports Interiors has worked with the University of Illinois, Western Michigan University, Oklahoma State University, University of Virginia, Northwestern University, University of South Carolina and Ohio State University to help improve their indoor tennis facilities.

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Sports Interiors leverages its experience in the construction industry to deliver an efficient implementation process of the LED Lighting System and Reflective Ceiling Liner System. This includes a dedicated project manager and the use of our own crews of electricians and foreman who focus on minimizing disruption to facility operations and quickly completing the project. Additionally, we handle all the legwork to secure any possible rebates available through utility companies. We are focused on delivering quality results for your facility renovations or new construction project that is efficient, cost-effective, and allows for minimal disruption to day-to-day operations.

With questions about optimal lighting for your tennis facility, please contact Alex Horton at [email protected].

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