An Official Streaming Partner of the ITA

PlaySight is proud to work with the ITA and hundreds of colleges and universities as their technology provider. In addition, PlaySight partnered with the Mountain West and Sun Belt conferences and has been a streaming provider for the Indoor Championships and the NCAA Championships since 2017. After installing the first-ever SmartCourt with the University of Georgia back in 2014, PlaySight has brought its Smart sports AI video platform to schools across the country, and programs at all levels. Learn more on PlaySight for your tennis program by setting up a demo here or checking out the video below:

College tennis drives innovation at PlaySight, from live streaming and automated production broadcast technology, to SmartScore integration with automated highlights/tagging, to instant replay, known in college tennis as PlayFair, to data and performance tools for college tennis coaches and student-athletes to get the most out of their on and off-court time. PlaySight now broadcasts more live college tennis than anybody, helping programs to better connect with their fans, alumni and greater tennis communities. For a list of PlaySight schools and the links to their live stream hubs, click here.

PlaySight’s most recent innovation for the sport has been the launch of the PS GO MOBILE, the first smartphone-based professional broadcasting system on the market. The GO MOBILE is a lightweight and fully portable video system for premium-quality live streaming, video recording and instant replay all integrated into the PlaySight ecosystem. GO technology uses zero infrastructure and is flexible enough for teams to take to different venues and on road trips.

PlaySight’s technology also offers instant replay, high level coaching tools, plus multi-angle video and if you check out PlaySight’s Sports Network, chances are you will find some live college tennis to watch. Click here ( live sports on the PSSN. All you need to do is sign up for a free account.

To get a PlaySight technology demo for your school or program, please feel free to reach out directly to [email protected]. You can follow PlaySight for highlights from college, pro and youth tennis on all social media platforms @PlaySight.

Please click here if you are interested in doing business with college tennis programs or becoming an ITA partner.