ITA Women's Collegiate Tennis Hall of Fame

The ITA Women’s Collegiate Tennis Hall of Fame is housed at McCormack-Nagelsen Tennis Center at the College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia.

Until recently, Millie West served as curator and chairperson of the Hall of Fame, which began in 1995. The Hall of Fame and tennis center were made possible through a generous donation from the late Mark McCormack and Betsy Nagelsen.

Every two years, the Hall of Fame enshrines exceptional players, coaches and contributors in women’s intercollegiate tennis. The ITA Hall of Fame Committee selects inductees from the following categories: (1) outstanding collegiate players; (2) players who attended college and later had a significant impact on women’s tennis; (3) outstanding collegiate coaches; and (4) individuals or corporations that played a major role in the development of women’s intercollegiate tennis.

Hall of Fame Induction Classes

  • ITA Welcomes the 2022 Women’s Hall of Fame Induction Class
    • Anna Maria Fernandez-Ruffels
    • Lin Loring
    • Lisa Spain Short
    • Diane Donnelly Stone

Hall of Fame Induction Classes

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