Rising Coaches Program

Rising Coaches is a two-week, intensive, online program that assists current and former college tennis players that are interested in pursuing a career in college tennis coaching.

Session 1: June 7 - June 23, 2024
Application deadline: May 24, 2024 @ 12 pm ET


Participants in the Rising Coaches program can expect to:

Coaching Preparation

1. Be prepared with the expectations, responsibilities & desired abilities of an assistant coach.

2. Increase their comprehension of the competencies necessary for a career in college coaching.

Self-Awareness & Leadership

3. Gain an understanding of their potential leadership traits & values.

4. Be educated on the importance of fair play & integrity.

Career Advancement

5. Have the foundation to begin building their network within college tennis coaching.

6. Understand how to prepare for the hiring process.

Application Process & Requirements

Who Can Apply?

1. Former college tennis players who exhausted their eligibility in Spring 2024 or prior, &/or
2.. Current student-athletes who will exhaust their eligibility in the 2024-25 school year.

All applications must be received by
May 24, 2024 @ 12 pm EST.

How Do I Apply?

Use the link below to access the online application form.

Completed applications need:
1. a current resume,
2. a statement about the impact of college tennis on you,
3. a letter of recommendation from your Head Coach,
4. a 30-second video expressing why you want to
be a college tennis coach.

What is the Cost?

1. $60 - Applicants who exhausted their athletic eligibility between 2022-2024 or are current student-athletes.

NCAA rules permit institutions to pay for a student-athlete's actual & necessary expenses to participate in the Rising Coaches program. See our FAQ's for bylaw information.

2. $100 - All other applicants.

Program Content

Below are the topics covered in each module, which is made up of video content, assignments, and live Zoom sessions.
Participants who complete Rising Coaches will be given a certificate of completion, and their resumes will be featured in the ITA's "Looking for a Coach?" database that can be accessed by our 1,300 head coaches.

Assistant Coaching 101

•Welcome & Expectations
•Navigating Change - From Athlete to Coach
• A Glimpse into Head Coaching

You: As a Leader

• Take the Coach DISC Profile
• Deep dive into CoachDISC results
• Your Traits & Values as a Leader

Rules, Sportsmanship & Ethics

• The Written & Unwritten Rules
• Take the ITA Officials Test
•Effects of On Court Behavior

Networking & the Hiring Process

• Articulating Your Skills & Values
• Creating a Network
• Getting Hired


Have questions? Explore the FAQ section to find the information you need. If you can't find your answer, contact Lauren Conching, Director of Coach Education at [email protected]

I am a current student-athlete entering my last year of eligibility in 2024-25. What NCAA bylaw would allow for my institution to pay for me to take part in the Rising Coaches program? arrow faq
Permissive legislation allows for NCAA D1 (Bylaw, NCAA DII (Bylaw and NCAA DIII (Bylaw institutions to pay for a student-athlete's actual & necessary expenses to participate in the ITA's Rising Coaches program.
If I miss the first session, will I have another opportunity to enroll in the program? arrow faq
We will offer two sessions during the school year. The second session is projected to begin in November 2024.
Fall 2024 is my first semester as an assistant coach, but I have no prior experience. Do you recommend I enroll in this program? arrow faq
Absolutely! We will offer a special session in September for assistant coaches who are in their first semester, and are looking for training.
What happens once I complete the program? arrow faq
Once you have finished the program, you will receive a certificate of completion, and your resume & cover letter will be put into our "Looking for a Coach?" database and promoted to head coaches.
If I finished playing college tennis in 2018, never worked for a college tennis program and am looking for a career change, can I apply for this program? arrow faq
Yes! This program is open to any former college tennis player who has not previously been hired as a college tennis coach.