Madison, WI – The University of Wisconsin’s tennis program has taken a significant leap forward with the acquisition of PlaySight’s portable streaming solution, PlaySight GO Mobile. Adding this PS GO Mobile to their existing fixed PRO System at Wisconsin has revolutionized the way both the men’s and women’s tennis teams broadcast their matches, providing an unprecedented level of accessibility and convenience.

“This solution was honestly the most clutch purchase I’ve made for the teams I oversee in a while,” said Dave Zimmerman, Olympic Sports Video Coordinator at the University of Wisconsin. “We were able to stream all 12 courts at once while both the women and the men played simultaneously. Streaming every single outdoor match this year was a milestone we had never achieved before.”

The PlaySight GO Mobile system is particularly beneficial for facilities lacking the infrastructure to install permanent cameras. Its portability and ease of setup make it the perfect solution for schools, clubs, and programs wanting to stream their courts at an incredibly reasonable price.

“Without the PlaySight GO Mobile, we would have had to spend tens of thousands on infrastructure alone to stream our outdoor matches,” Zimmerman added. “Being able to stream outdoor matches makes us a much more attractive host for competitions during the fall season.”

The simplicity of the PlaySight GO Mobile system has also been a game-changer. “It’s super simple to set up and take down for each match,” noted Zimmerman. “Aiming the phones and starting the streams is just as simple as working with the permanent cameras.”

This new capability has not only enhanced the visibility of the University of Wisconsin’s tennis program but also enriched the experience for fans, athletes, and coaches. By making every match accessible to a broader audience, the university is setting a new standard in collegiate sports broadcasting.

Having also provided coverage for the Big Ten Tournaments this past season at Michigan and Northwestern, PlaySight is partnered with sixteen Big Ten programs and hundreds of colleges across every level.

For more information about the PlaySight GO Mobile system and its impact on the University of Wisconsin’s tennis program, please visit PlaySight’s website or contact the university’s athletic department.

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