Wilson ITA Coach of the Year

Frank Barnes |University of Wisconsin-Whitewater

Coach Barnes led his team to the Top 15 in Division III rankings this season. Along the way, Warhawks beat perennial top regional opponent, Gustavus Adolphus, for only the third time in program history. Barnes continually does a great job of organizing and hosting tournaments and duals that bring together a wide range of teams on the same weekends. He serves on committees and volunteers his time to make college tennis better.

ITA Assistant Coach of the Year

Davis Elkins | Swarthmore College

Davis Elkins has transformed the Swarthmore Men’s Tennis program during his three years with the team. During this past fall season, Elkins coached the team on his own while Head Coach Jason Box was on parental leave. Not only did the team culture remain intact, it improved. He also helped coordinate the team’s international trip in January, taking on a lot of the organizational efforts. Elkins also plans team practices on his own at times. The team is very lucky to have essentially a second head coach as a member of the coaching staff. In addition to his responsibilities on court, Elkins is the recruiting coordinator, handling 75% of recruiting. This season, the team was as high as No. 2 in the South region and No. 10 nationally. The team won the Centennial Conference regular season and were 19-1 heading into the conference tournament.

ITA Arthur Ashe Leadership & Sportsmanship

Rohun Krishnan | Pomona-Pitzer

At the beginning of the 2022-23 academic year, Rohun went to Head Coach Steve Bickham and asked if he could start a chapter of the nationally recognized Aces for Autism program at our college. He had previously volunteered for the program at his high school and had stayed in touch with the national director of the program. Bickham agreed to help, but quickly realized that Rohun didn’t need my help. Within a few weeks Rohun had contacted the organization and applied for a Charter. He met with the Pomona-Pitzer Athletic Director, campus events coordinator, and did all the paperwork that was needed and was able to get the program approved and scheduled to start that fall. What is the most impressive part of this story, is that it was entirely created, developed, and managed by Rohun and his friend Matt. The Pomona-Pitzer coaches have not had to do a thing to keep the program running and/or help find volunteers. The student-athletes run the program on Sundays, typically the day that most students want to rest and recover from their week of studying and competing, but these guys spend their Sundays dedicated to making the program work.

ITA Rookie of the Year

Andreas Sillaste | Amherst College

Andreas Sillaste played #1 singles and #1 doubles for Amherst every match this spring. He is currently is ranked #19 in singles and has a record of 14-8. In singles, he had wins over #7 Kamenev (Emory), #23 Bode (Concordia), #24 Perry (Trinity TX), #28 Barrett (Colby), #46 Bilski (Wesleyan). Andreas is a very positive student-athlete and he conducts himself with class during the team matches. He is involved on campus and serves as the team’s DEI rep.

ITA Most Improved Player

Ajay Mahenthiran | Case Western Reserve University

Ajay Mahenthiran’s rise up the lineup and rankings is the definition of most improved. His freshman year, Mahenthiran was not a part of the starting 6 line-up. His sophomore year, Mahenthiran played at the No. 5 singles spot and went 20-4. During his junior year, Mahenthiran posted a 16-2 record. He was the ITA Regional champion, placed 9th at the ITA Cup, was ranked No. 8 in the ITA National rankings, the No. 1 player in the NCAA Regional rankings and No. 2 player in the ITA Regional rankings.

ITA Senior Player of the Year

Tristan Bradley | Bowdoin College

Over the course of his career, Tristan Bradley has left an impressive stamp on the Bowdoin Men’s Tennis program. He was the 2022 Oracle Cup Finalist, earned NESCAC 1st Team Singles in 2022, 2023, and 2024, NESCAC 1st Team Doubles in 2024, NESCAC 2nd Team Doubles in 2023, and 2023 NESCAC Player of the Year. Bradley finished ranked No. 2 in the nation in singles in the fall of 2023, No. 2 in the nation for singles in the spring and No. 9 in the nation for doubles. He earned All-American honors in singles in 2022, 2023, and 2024 and All-American honors in doubles in 2023 and 2024.

ITA Player to Watch

Kael Shah | Denison University

Kael Shah finished his sophomore season with a 26-4 record in singles and a 24-10 record in doubles. He was the ITA Cup Quarterfinalist in doubles, earning All-American status. Shah was ranked as high as No. 9 in the nation in singles and No. 18 in doubles.

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