Weatherfod College – Head Coach


Organizes and maintains a quality intercollegiate tennis program. Analyzes performance and instructs college athletes in game strategies and techniques to prepare them for athletic competition.

Bachelor’s degree and 4 to 10 years’ experience and/or training.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Recruits quality student athletes.
  • Organizes conditioning/weight training workouts.
  • Organizes intercollegiate competition schedules.
  • Sets practice schedules.
  • Monitors student/athletics classroom performance.
  • Plans annual budget.
  • Evaluates players to determine need for individual or team improvement.
  • Coaches players individually or in groups, demonstrating effective techniques of sport.
  • Oversees daily practice of players to instruct them in areas of deficiency.
  • Develops practices and game strategies.
  • Adheres to all rules of the college, NJCAA and the ITA.

Salary range:

$56,580 – $69,000

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