British University (College) Tennis Program


Enjoyed College Tennis? Want to continue? With no 4 year eligibility restrictions, British University Tennis could be for you and here’s why: 

  • We have a world-class training and competition schedule in our top tennis schools to extend your tennis and studies
  • In Britain you will find one of the best education systems in the world, including specialist, sport post-graduate degrees
  • Highly competitive team matches can be complemented with tournaments in Britain, if you’re aiming for ATP/WTA points 
  • We have a player-centred approach and flexible options for study 
  • If you’re considering tennis as a career, our top tennis schools specialize in developing employability skills 
  • Travel distances are small and British and European culture is never far away 
  • While there are academic/living costs, tennis costs are usually covered
  • Deadlines vary, usually best to apply early in the year for a September start

Find out more at: and click on university partners to find out more.  

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